Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common and presenting conditions in society today.

Anxiety and Stress  are  both significant in its effects on health, and has the potential to affect your  relationship with your  circle of friends, family and work colleagues. it has the potential to affect your performance at work and integrating within your social network of friends.

Many of the  symptoms  of this disorder result from the presence of excessive levels of stress hormones circulating throughout the body for prolonged periods of time.

Anxiety for  some  can be a constant worry about everything, children finances., even managing everyday activities  can cause overwhelm.Some may experience panic 'attacks'  And for other anxiety may develop into physical symptoms such as insomnia difficulty in  sleeping  in getting to sleep or staying  asleep.

Very often people turn to alcohol or drugs  overeating, Binge eating, under eating, or gambling to cope because they haven't learned other skills to relax and cope. For some they do not realise that  these habits have been  developed over time in  an effort  to deal with stress or anxiety.  People do their best with the resources they have at any time it is only after  years  they realise they were on the path of self punishment as they did not understand or have the skills to manage their behaviours.
people have behaviours but hey are not their behaviours.

We  all have the potential to worry it is when it overrides our ability  to make decisions  and can affect our thinking and affect our physical and emotional. Often with a sense  of not coping .

Hypnosis de-clutters the mind  allowing you to focus clearly on solutions and behaviors in dealing with situations.

Solutions focus therapy and NLP offers  further ways in  opening up your potential in dealing with situations and these strategies are incorporated throughout the sessions.

One way in identifying what the "worry" for you is to write the list down on one side of the page and opposite side of the page to that worry in another column write what is real about it and  the possibility of it happening. What often happens to you is maybe the self talk and the conflict that happens in the mind. For example  I often hear my clients using the word BUT "Oh yes but what about this" They  tend  touse use  it  with over  use Think in terms of solution outcome "how will I manage" and  "what can  I do now" it is important to change unhealthy or repetitious  self talk  into clear approaches for your benefit in your capability right now is it not.?

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