epression is now one the most common mood disorders and it's spreading fast for people who are experiencing depression need skills in positive possibilities : for example

Coping Styles - So for some people  they use a coping style  by avoidance thinking  - that is the problem will go away if one does nothing.  The other is Ruminative style ( Ruminator)-  this is  your conversation  or thinking - self talk - going in circles - talking  about things on the same topic around, around and around thus preventing taking any sort of action. We all know of someone that talks and talks about the same thing over and over and over thinking too much and too deeply. Ruminators often don't release their thinking issue - in that they have difficulty in knowing how to take action. By ruminating  they believe they are searching for answers  and are seeking  usually for someone to listen - however no action is taken . For these people life does not move on they feel stuck quite often on  issues of the past. For some  people  they need strategies to  manage situation  - learning to take action  and learning to define personal boundaries thereby  building up momentum for future possibilities. For some -  Hypnotherapy encourages and benefits clearer thinking and behavioral flexibility and emotional self regulation thereby building momentum in moving forwards

Solution focus therapy with Hypnotherapy  is recommended  to introduce skills in managing personal situations better . Hypnosis assists untangling the clutter in your mind then allow you to make clearer choice in your life. For some, individual therapy is a vehicle  for an individual to be heard. At least half the people seeking help for depression are also suffering marital distress and at least half the couples seeking marital therapy have at least  one depressed partner ( Michael Yapko).

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Recommended Reading

"Depression is Contagious"  by Michael Yapko : This book  certainly  taps into  realistic ways in dealing with a multitude of issues pertaining to depression and how it affects relationships, social intervention, parenting and personal skills . Michael Yapko provides ideas in how to rethink and manage situations , such as expanding how to view and approach situations with new insight :"You are more than your mood" .
Michael provides helpful and practical ways for you think and  to rethink ways "Learn by doing - feelings as a choice. if you  know of a person or family member who is depressed or having problems in relationships . This IS the Book to read, to get ideas to help those who feel depressed and their family and friends in preventing depression being contagious . In fact this is a book for all to read 
"Comment by Bernadeta Cansdell"