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1. Testimonial

 Bernadeta Cansdell has a unique and powerful set of counselling skills.  With gentleness and perception she helps her clients clarify the issues that are important to them and then helps them to transform their lives. Her nurturing nature and her clinical expertise in relationship issues and sexual health, have helped countless couples reconnect and has helped many others overcome difficulties they felt they couldn’t express. Bernadeta’s love of study and natural curiosity means she is constantly searching for new and effective techniques to assist her clients lead positive and empowered lives.


Rowan Hanley

Counsellor, Hypnotherapist. Psychotherapist May 2010

2. Testimonial

Bernadeta’s heart is for empowering self and others. Be the best you can be!  A masterful communicator and pro-active to positive results. Over the 5 years we have known each other she has allowed me to look in the mirror and in doing so identify where best to place my energies. Her compassion, determination and dedication to women’s health and well being are unsurpassed. “ 

“All that meet her are truly blessed “
 Margit Kent Guided Solutions November 2009

NLP  NLP Masters NLP Trainer

3 Testimonial

Dear Bernadeta,

I’m so glad that I asked you to come with me on Tuesday 4th May 2010 to the Westmead Breast Centre, and I’m so glad that you were admitted (after my tears and deer in the headlights look)

into the treatment rooms for my Vacuum Assisted Stereoactic Core Biopsy and other procedures.


I was extremely nervous and apprehensive about the Biopsy because I was required to remain calm and absolutely still for the duration of the procedure.

Another concern was anaesthetic.  Simple visits to the dentist usually require double doses of anaesthetic and extra time for it to take effect, and I'm usually not a very co-operative patient.


Until now, I’ve mostly dismissed hypnotherapy as mumbo-jumbo.  However, your hypnotherapy script, which I’m sure was designed just for me worked a treat. 

I was in most part aware of my surroundings (so that I could respond to the doctors’ instructions) but completely relaxed, and I’m grateful that the local anaesthetic took hold almost immediately. 


After an afternoon of testing, pushing and prodding by doctors and nurses, no doubt you were hoarse. 


Last week, a core needle biopsy was attempted but was unsuccessful due to my distress, nerves, panic, and some technical difficulties. 

This time, that was not the case – due in most part to you.

I could also hear how impressed the doctors were with your professionalism and your calming effect upon me.


Your support, soothing voice and calming influence before, during and after the procedures were much appreciated.

After seeing and hearing you in action, I have no hesitation in recommending your services.


With many thanks and warm regards, 4th May 2010

Nicole Celeban