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"Explore possibilities of a better way of being"

When you know it's time - on your terms

 Somehow you  know it's  time to act now yet at the same time maybe you  are :

  • Stuck -  you are not quite sure what to do yet  at the same time you think you  know what to d
  • And for many people what's going in their mind is " Oh I don't know" "What if"   and there are usually quite a number                                   of "what if's" in an effort to work your mind out.  
  •  For some they think  they are  thinking too much and are  still feeling uncertain  unable to make any decision - often there  will be a "BUT" in there language " yeah but" which keeps them stuck in a cycle of their own thoughts unable to listen to suggestions or make decisions
  • The feeling of being Overwhelmed:  unable to make decisions as there is too much to think about or:
  • Life may not be the way you want it?
  • Anxiety- a sense that your body is like an elastic band with tension
  • Feelings of  anger, frustration or just feeling tearful
  • Learn how  to hold off the reaction and re-train your self to Respond   Take hold of your emotions 
  • "Calmness  is Power"
  •   So  now you are looking for someone to help and at the same time wanting to feel safe

So its important knowing you are in safe and qualified hands.
We know that  it takes courage to make a decision of any kind
Remember its what you want and we are here to help to get you over or around the hurdle of of where you want to go

Therapeutic Hypnotherapy is about connecting to you with what you know and how to best connect with yourself
We all have amazing strength for some we just don't know it at times

My aim is to make a shift  to lighten your burden


Take the first step now and call you will be surprised
in starting your  new direction of choice

·             One to one personal issue management,

·            Couple Relationship therapy

·            Mentoring -  supervision - debriefing

·            Work related bullying issues,

·           Stress and anxiety management

·           Pain management

·            Anxiety  (more likely if you have  anxiety you may have problems sleeping well )

       Sleep or sleeping problems

·            Fear, Anger or worry over  a variety of things causing overwhelm

       Weight management

       Quit smoking

       Alcohol  Misuse 

       Interview skills 

       For some they just want to get a second opinion for whatever


Hypnotherapy is a powerful form of Psychotherapy combining cognitive (thinking) therapeutic counselling techniques with subconscious/unconscious healing/therapeutic techniques
For appointments   -  Home visits are provided if more than one hour travel additional costs to cover travel
Bernadeta Cansdell:

  • Relationship Psychotherapist 
  • Solution Focus Therapy. 
  • Neuro Relationship therapist
  • NLP - Neuro Relationship  Psychology
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • HypnoBirthing  

Individual Therapy: 
First session usually 2-3hrs  min  -  
Hypnosis sessions depends on issues  usually  1-6 sessions 
Psychotherapy sessions depends on clients progression, issues and support needed

ABN  47 515 824 841

              Home Visits in clients own home are mainly provided for individual sessions
                 this provides a relaxed environment for the client. 
                 if this is not convenient clients can travel to Wallacia for their appointment

                      Wallacia  (Venue 2)

                      Wallacia  progress hall

                      Cnr Greendale Rd and Roma Ave

                       Booked appointments only

Phone mobile  for appointments M. 0439 708 438       H. 0247 738 45

Information  of Interest

1. Meditation experience is associated with increased cortical thickness

2. Dr Joe Despenza Thinking to doing to being -  Mind body Connection

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email: bcansdell@gmail.com






- Bernadeta Cansdell

M. 0439 708 438
H.  02 47738459

- Hypnotherapist
- Counsellor
- Solution Focus

- HypnoBirthing-

- Relationship Therapist